Winning the Green New Deal: Why We Must, How We Can

Bottom line, if we want to ensure the future of the planet and our collective lives, then we need the Green New Deal.

Winning the Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is the response to the climate crisis and was authored by activists and policy makers to transform the world we live in to a more sustainablity based one.

Winning The Green New Deal explains why the Green New Deal is so important in context with the current state of the planet and how we can all live a more natural life.

Then using input from journalists and experts, it delivers a series of essays that show how practical this plan is and how it can be easily implemented into the world we live in. It’s a truly transformative agenda.

A Plan Of Fairness

You’ll also come to see how this transformation cannot be achieved unless the billionaires that control the wealth of the planet are persuaded to help overcome and eliminate unfairness and racism.

And that the movements of our era are not pointless and unfocused but can help to redefine the possibilities of politics in the modern age.

A Manifesto For All

In short, Winning The Green New Deal is a manifesto for every person on the planet and everyone should take the time to read it. 

You can find a copy online.

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