Top 10 Best Zero Waste Stores

If you want to help the planet, the easiest way is to start cutting down on waste by using one of our best zero waste stores.

These stores have worked out how to reduce the damage done to the planet by our shopping habits to nearly zero! 

So check them out!

Best Zero Waste Stores


We really like EcoRoots’ range of ethical products which are all sustainably sourced too.

They’re based in Colorado, USA and give up 1% of their profits to the Ocean Conservancy – a charitable endeavor that removes plastics from the world’s oceans.

They aim for zero waste by using recycled and reused materials (that are all biodegradable) and there is no plastic in any shipment.

They do use packing foam but it’s made from cornstarch, not plastic and it can be composted. 


When we talk about Etee we’re talking about the “everything touches everything else” philosophy that underpins their work.

It began when the owner went out with his kayak and found a river full of plastic waste. 
Now, everything Etee makes and does is zero waste.

They stock everything from gifts to storage boxes and are one of the most flexible zero waste providers on the market.

All packaging is either biodegradable or easy to reuse when they’re no longer useful for their original purpose. 

Package Free

New York’s Package Free is one of our favorite places to shop.

One thing that we really appreciate is that there’s something there for every budget and you don’t need to spend a fortune to start your zero waste journey.

In fact, you can find products for as little as $1.50 there!

They also offer worldwide shipping if you want to extend a friend overseas a little love and send them a gift basket!

Tiny Yellow Bungalow

The Tiny Yellow Bungalow is a female-run business which bears the name of the place in which it was founded (a tiny yellow bungalow).

It was begun as a bit of an experiment back in 2015 but somehow it grew into something much bigger.

The blog became a zero waste shop and now Jessie, the founder, caters to a wide-range of customers looking to do their bit for the planet.

You can find everything from bath bombs to vintage items to handmade crafts. 
It’s great. 

Zero Waste Club

Rishi and Pawan were sat around one day moaning about the lack of credibility of “sustainable” brands when they realized that moaning wouldn’t change the world.

So, they started Zero Waste Club and now, they work hard to make the change they want to see in the world.

They are all about ethical consumerism and while they’ll sell you plenty of cool things from their site in zero waste packaging – behind the scenes they’re also trying to influence supermarkets to cut down their waste too!

Best of all, they’re fully committed to paying everyone involved a fair wage!

Earth Hero

If you want something to use instead of Amazon that’s zero waste then your best option is to switch to Earth Hero.

Of course, it’s not quite as big as Amazon but it is pretty good.

They can offer options for bathrooms, kitchens, celebrations, and much, much more.

We also like their recycling Zero Waste Terracycle boxes that can be used to package up yoru own items if you want to sell goods online or just give people gifts!

Life Without Plastic

You can see the intention at Life Without Plastic from their name alone.

The objective is simple – to eliminate plastics made from fossil fuels across the supply chain.

To achieve this, they’ve gone zero waste and they’ve gone all in on educational efforts to help people understand the costs of plastics to themselves and the environment.

They’ve got a wider range of different products to choose from and we like that they also have a subscription box service if you want to try some random (but super value) products every month. 

Wild Minimalist

Wild Minimalist is a family-based business and we’re all about businesses that bring people together.

They were inspired as they traveled the planet together as backpackers and saw the damage that humanity can do to the environment.

Now, they want to help everyone lead a waste-free lifestyle and there are lots of choices on their store to assist you in getting there.

The products are exceptionally well-reviewed in general too. 

Well Earth Goods

This Oregon based family business is a super zero waste provider.

Well Earth Goods is all about sustainable resources too and they offer some great products that you can buy with complete peace of mind about their environmental impact.

They also share a terrifying statistic: it’s estimated that if we, humanity, don’t change our attitude to plastic waste – by 2050 there will be more plastic (by weight) than fish in our oceans!

Even now, one in four fish that they test when caught is full of plastic.

That’s why Well Earth Goods is an important place to shop. 


Finally, we end with a zero waste store which specializes in one thing – zero waste packaging.

We think that’s a really important area to deal with and it’s good to see LowTowBox leading the charge.

That’s not to say it’s their only product line, mind you, they also carry vegan foods, soaps, and more!


We hope that you found the ideal zero waste store for you in our top 10 best zero waste stores. 

If so, please share the love and let your friends and family know too – the more people who switch to zero waste, the better off that the planet will be. 

If you’d like to learn more about zero waste – we’ve got a great guide for moving from low waste to zero waste here. 

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