The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify

The key to happiness, according to Francine Jay, is simple: less stuff.

Her best-selling book The Joy of Less is a clear, powerful ode to minimalism and the action necessary to achieve it.

the joy of less

And it’s her mission to assist people in their quest to get simple. Step by step. Tip by tip.

Overwhelm Is Normal

Our society revolves around buying stuff. We get taught to go to work, to make money, to buy things or experiences. 

Big cars, new phones, nice vacations, but it all comes at a very personal cost – our time and our lives disappear into the void of attaining things without ever appreciating what we already have.

An invaluable tool for the veteran and budding minimalist alike.

David Friedlander,

4 Steps To Minimalism Forever

Francine Joy in “The Joy of Less” offers a four step process to getting free of this toxic behavior and into a life that you can really enjoy.

It begins with a pep talk on what you will get out of this process. Then it turns to ten ways to clear out your home. Followed, by a room-by-room guide to getting the job done. Finally, she shows you how to free up time and cut down your to-do list, permanently.

We loved it and we think you will too.

You can find the The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life by Francine Jay online. 

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