The Best Ted Talks On Minimalism

Minimalism is the hot buzzword of the moment but who do you turn to find out more and how you might implement this idea in your life for the maximum benefits?

Well, we’d recommend that you start with these Ted Talks on Minimalism. They’re awsome!

A Minimalism Ted Talk – For a More Full Life – Grant Blakeman

A minimalist life is not something to be feared says Grant Blakeman in this talk which is one of the most inspiring Ted Talks that we’ve ever heard.

He shows how a simple life is about creating space for the ultimate freedom and focusing on things that make you happy.

The Art Of Letting Go – The Minimalists

This Ted Talk is all about dealing with too much stuff (the average home has more than 300,000 things in it!) and focusing on your own life through minimalist living.

If you want less stress in your life than this might be the key to a minimalist lifestyle that delivers just that.

The Less You Own, The More You Have – Angela Horn

This is one of the most inspiring Ted Talks on minimalism that we’ve had the privilege to watch.

Angela shows how a minimalist lifestyle can free up your time to experience life rather than worrying about money, you can invest in your emotional development or your local community, instead.

The 100 Things Challenge – Dave Bruno

This Ted Talk aims to make you inspired enough to change your life for good. Dave spent a year with only 100 possessions and he urges others to do the same.

If you want an intentional life and to escape the negative space around you – this might be the way forward. It’s like an extreme version of Kerry Thomas Clutter talk.

The Ten-Item Wardrobe – Jennifer L. Scott

You don’t have to live in tiny houses to free up space in your wardrobe and we absolutely loved this Ted Talk which shows you how to reduce the clutter in your closet down to just 10 items!

Every idea in this helps to reduce unnecessary distractions in your life and focus on living instead.

A Rich Life With Less Stuff – The Minimalists

This is the second talk from these guys on our list and that’s because it’s an essential watch – don’t miss learning about how to become “rich” by really considering what “riches” really are in your life.

Tiny Home, Big Life – An Experiment In Simple Living – Erin & Dondi Harner

If you want to know what tiny houses offer then this is one of the Ted Talks that you absolutely have to watch. Learn how reducing stuff and the home you occupy can be great ideas if you value your happiness and want to live your lives full of joy!

If you like this, you might also enjoy our guide to tiny homes and our history of tiny homes too!

Getting Rid Of 1000 Things – Liz Wright

This is one of the more challenging Ted Talks you’ll see because it asks you to focus on clearing out junk from your life in the present rather than putting it off until later.

Liz shares her journey to get rid of at least 1,000 items from her home and there are no postponed decisions allowed.

We were inspired to do this ourselves and can vouch for how much impact it had on our lives.

Tiny House Movement – Andrew Morrison

We can tell you all about the benefits of tiny homes because we love them but Andrew Morrison’s Ted Talk is super inspirational.

So, we strongly recommend that you watch it and get some ideas for small living that you’re going to love.

Less Stuff, More Happiness – Graham Hill

We love talks like this one. It’s all about changing your lifestyle to a minimalist approach while embracing all the positive possibilities that you can get from this way of life.

Graham will help you feel confident about changing your life to incorporate more time for friends, family, and fun without any guilt whatsoever!

Final Thoughts On Ted Talks On Minimalism And Simple Living

Leading a life based on minimalism doesn’t have to be a huge challenge.

We hope that these Ted Talks will inspire you to embrace minimalism and get more of what really matters out of your life – after all, you only get one go at this, you ought to make the best of it, right?

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