12 Fair Trade Jewelry Brands You’ll Love

We love to look our best, we bet you do too. The only thing that we want to know is that looking our best, doesn’t mean doing our worst to someone else.

That means when we buy jewelry, we want it to be fair trade.

We know that there are real benefits to the communities around the world where fair trade sourcing and manufacturing takes place.

Then we can buy jewelry and enjoy the effect it has on others knowing that it hasn’t had a terrible effect on the people who make it.

So, check out our favorite fair trade jewelry brands and join us in making the world a better place for everyone, while you stay looking fabulous.


This brand is so committed to fair trade principles that it has pledged to be a part of the “Lowest Wage Challenge”. 

That means that they disclose the lowest wages that anyone in their supply chain is paid – and that you can audit that that’s a living wage. 

They also provide a nice, clean environment to work in and real benefits to all employees. 

Their jewelry is really cool too.

You can check out Nisolo online.

arlokea jewellry


This brand is a committed Fair Trade partner and is a black woman-owned business.

Most of the jewelry they sell is made by skilled Vietnamese artisans though some is made by Ecuadorian artisans too.

Their pieces use recycled and natural ingredients too!

This is jewelry for the planet. 

You can check out Arlokea online.



Upcycled and recycled ingredients and sustainably-sourced materials are the order of the day with this brand.

They also pledge to ensure everyone gets a fair wage and they donate up 10% of their profits to charities supporting underprivileged young women. 

You can’t say fairer than that and their products are striking and fascinating. 

You can check out Hathorway products online.



All products from Lumafina are hand crafted by skilled jewellers. 

They are pledged to provide pleasant working conditions and fair wages.

The owner, Hilary Alexander, also does some of the metal smithing and design work.

We also like their eco-responsible credentials. 

You can check out Lumafina at Made Trade online.

thirty one bits

Thirty One Bits

Fair wages are at the front of what they do but they also believe in creating a safe and caring space for their people to work in.

We like the fact that they share pictures and stories of their workers on their website. 

They use their pieces to drive positive global change. 

You can find Thirty One Bits online.

abby alley

Abby Alley

This company sources most of its products in East Africa using relationships with artisan cooperatives that guarantee safe working environments and a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. 

That means the people employed by them earn far more than they would at other local businesses and they are supplied with healthcare and transport!

You can find Abby Alley at Made Trade online.

salt and still

Salt + Still

A women’s owned brand that uses only sustainably sourced materials.

They guarantee fair pay for anyone working for them and they make interesting and unique pieces from gold fill, bronze and silver. 

You can find Salt + Still at Made Trade online.



AccountAble is the point of this brand and they have a fully transparent trading platform.

When you visit their website, you can see the factories they use, the people in them and the conditions that they live in.

Their objective is to help women escape poverty. 

You can find Able at Live Fashionable online.

son of a sailor

Son Of A Sailor

All makers at Son of a Sailor are paid fair wages and they use only locally sourced materials too.

Fair trade isn’t just a developing nation principle, it can be used here in the USA too. 

We think that their pieces are as likely to appeal to a power dressing business person as a hip college student. 

You can find Son Of A Sailor at Made Trade online.

tribe alive

Tribe Alive

Their pieces are made in India, Texas, Honduras, Haiti and Guatemala but wherever they are made – the wages are fair and at a minimum of the living wage standard.

They also work hand in hand with their studios to ensure that the working environment is safe, clean and fun to work in.

Their pieces are very elegant. 

You can find Tribe Alive at the Tribe Alive website online.

noonday collection

Noonday Collection

This fair-trade collective works with over 400 artisans each of them in a vulnerable community somewhere int eh world. 

This allows them to offer a wide range of unique styles that bring out the best in all aspects of modern jewelry. 

Social responsibility leads to social cachet with Noonday Collection jewelry. 

You can find the Noonday Collection at the Noonday Collection website online.

raven and lily

Raven + Lilly

This ethical and 100% fair-trade brand is committed to employing women at risk in nearly a dozen countries. 

Their biggest presences are currently in Kenya and India.

Not only do they make some of the most delightful jewelry in our round up, but they also make fashion products and home goods. 

If you want something tasteful that will suit nearly any budget, then you should check our Raven + Lilly, we can’t stop going back to them. 

You can find Raven + Lilly at Raven and Lilly online.

Jewelry ought to be as kind to the people who make it as it is to you when you wear it.

Buying fair trade jewelry doesn’t mean compromising on your personal style or paying too much for your products, either.

So, we hope that you find a jeweler that you like on our 12 best fair-trade jewelry brands list.

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