All Meats Emit Equally, Study Shows

It’s hard to do better for the environment when so much conflicting information abounds on the internet.

One day, it’s all about better, then it’s all about avoiding and round and round it goes.

So, we apologize for highlighting some important new information on organic meat and how it may conflict with what you’ve heard before. 

The Shocking Truth

Some recent research in Nature magazine shows something shocking about organic meat. It’s no better for the environment than ordinary meat. 

It produces exactly the same level of emissions as ordinary meat does. 

A Better Way?

The best way to keep your diet emission friendly is to eat plant-based foods. 

They’re much kinder to the environment. 

So, we think that when possible, it’s best to avoid animal products. That’s why you need to check out this amazing choice of vegan bacon or this collection of vegan cheeses!

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